Asbestos – Risk Factors of Developing Asbestos Diseases


Asbestos – Risk Factors of Developing Asbestos Diseases

Finally, the lung is removed through the chest, allowing the body to get rid of all of the fibers. Asbestos is removed through the airways. This is the most expensive of all stages of treatment, but it is still relatively inexpensive compared to having a large tumor removed through surgery. This is why lung resection is typically recommended for individuals who are at high risk for asbestos-related lung disease.

Asbestosis | Occupational Lung Disease

Each of these stages of treatment offers different benefits, depending on the type of asbestos that is causing the individual’s lung cancer. For example, people who have lung cancer that has spread to other areas of the body can benefit greatly from removal through aspiration.

There are also some cases that have more symptoms than the removal of the fibers themselves. If a lung tumor is found in the lung, it may take several years to diagnose asbestosis. When it is determined, it is treated through either a combination of inhalation and aspiration, or with surgery.

In addition to removing the asbestos fibers, there are various treatments that are used to help treat the lungs. However, all of these treatments can only offer so much of a solution.

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