A WHS Management System


A WHS Management System

What is a WHS Management System and how does it work? If you are an owner of a company or a manager of a company, you should know that a well-run company requires high levels of efficiency in order for the company to achieve its goals. In addition to this, the company must be able to maintain the smooth and effective flow of communication among its workers. In other words, a good working environment can only be achieved if employees and co-workers are happy and satisfied. However, what exactly is a WHS system? WHS system doesn’t have to be complicated. However, that is just how many Australian companies feel about their own WHS systems.

Developing a simple WHS management system

At its most basic, a WHS system is simply any system which helps a company to build a safe and secure workplace environment. There are two main types of WHS systems: physical and electronic. Physical systems include those that are installed in the workplace such as the workplace safety plan, health and safety policy, staff handbook, employee handbook, and the company’s general safety protocol.

Electronic systems include those that are implemented electronically and are then used by the employee themselves. In other words, these are the systems that are built-in to your PC and which allow you to keep up with your company’s operations and policies, even when you are away from your office.

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