Barbara Catering


Barbara Catering

Barbara Catering is located in Santa Barbara, CA, with its own location in Marina Del Ray. Barbara Catering offers an extensive menu of gourmet and fine dining meals that are offered both to its guests and to the general public and includes an on-site chef, live entertainment, and private parties and events. Barbara Catering’s menu of gourmet and fine dining meals includes everything from a casual brunch with French toast and mimosas to an elegant three-course dinner and dessert. The menus also feature several different types of appetizers and a wide variety of specialty items for lunch.

Barbara Russell Catering

Barbara Catering prides itself on being one of the best restaurants and catering services in the Orange County, CA area. Barbara Catering offers both indoor and outdoor catering services, and it has been serving customers in the San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver areas for over 20 years. Barbara Catering offers a variety of food options, as well as catering for a wedding, a corporate event, a private event, and many other types of events.

Barbara Catering provides catering services for just about every type of occasion and theme imaginable. The staff at Barbara Catering prides itself on offering the best possible service possible for every customer, and it strives to make every event as memorable and fun for its customers as possible.

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