How to Install Asphalt Driveways?


How to Install Asphalt Driveways?

Asphalt driveways can be the perfect finishing touch to your home, office, or business. They are great for creating a sleek and modern look in the driveway and making a design statement when placed next to your home or business. However, one of the biggest issues when dealing with asphalt driveway installation is finding a company that can provide the high quality that you deserve. Before you make any decision when it comes to selecting a company to install your driveway, you need to make sure that they are skilled and qualified to perform the installation in an efficient manner. This includes a thorough inspection of their equipment prior to installation and a thorough analysis of what your driveway will be like when complete. It is important to do your due diligence so you are sure to have the best asphalt driveway possible.

Asphalt driveways – The perfect finishing touch to your home

asphalt driveways

The main parts of the asphalt driveway that are used are asphalt, rock, and cement, which is a tar-like liquid petroleum product that is applied as a coating to the driveway. To complete the job, your contractor will have to mix the ingredients and apply it to the driveway using a machine known as a trowler. After the trowler is done applying the mixture, it will be allowed to set and harden. Next, your driveway will then be sanded to smooth out the entire area. Once the area is sanded, the concrete sealant will be applied and it will be left to dry for about 48 hours. When complete, you will be able to drive through the area and enjoy the convenience and durability that it has to offer. Some types of asphalt may require that it be dried for months before it is ready for use.

After the driveway is installed and dry, it will need to be repaired if any holes or tears were to occur. This can be accomplished by calling the company that you hired to install your driveway in the first place. They will take care of any problems that were to occur, ensuring that your driveway is ready for use the next time. Any additional repairs will be covered under the warranty for your driveway, but they should be minor and inexpensive. If any damage occurs, the company will usually give you instructions on how to fix the problem. For instance, if you hit a pothole, they can come out and remove the damaged portion of the pavement and replace it.

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